My Math Side

My name is Courtney and I love being healthy and active. My favorite sports are swim, soccer, volleyball and football. I go to school at Farb Middle School in San Diego. I just moved here from Sigonella, Italy. At Farb Middle, my favorite subjects are P.E and Science. In Sigonella, math was really hard because my teacher wasn't really good at teaching. Her name was Mrs. Morlock and her husband had cancer so I think thats why her teaching was off level. I really do miss Sigonella cause all of my friends are over there and my favorite teachers too. I live in California now and I like it so far.

When i lived in Italy, my teacher wasn't so good at teaching math. Her name was Mrs. Morlock. Her husband had cancer and thats probably why her teaching was off track. I felt bad for her though. She taught me some great things about math though like the pythagorean theorem. Math is really hard and it is not one of my favorite subjects in school. My favorite subjects in math are the decimals, subtraction, addition, multiplication and LWH. LWH is a system thats i used for Length, Width and Height.
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